People & Diversity

All Australians are welcomed into the Air Force, regardless of gender, sexuality, ethnic origin or cultural background. From training to employment to promotion opportunities, we are committed to equality for all.

Multicultural diversity

The Air Force operates on a principle of strength in diversity. We recognise the value of a workforce drawn from all sections of Australian society for the blend of skills, strengths and knowledge it brings to our activities.

We offer over 60 roles across a variety of disciplines and professions, and welcome applications from all Australians. Our commitment is to maintain a selection process that is free from racial bias, gender bias and subjective preconception.

Equal opportunities

The Air Force seeks out the very best people for each job based on education, aptitude and most importantly, potential. Through training and ongoing development, we invest heavily in the personal and vocational development of every single employee, regardless of their background and gender.

Our promotion and remuneration policies are equally unbiased, as we believe rewards should be based solely on effort and achievement.

Careers for women

The Air Force offers excellent career opportunities to women, across every area of the Service. As an employer, we’re committed to providing women with equal salaries and career paths, along with a uniquely supportive working environment.

Pathways for Indigenous Australians

The Air Force is an excellent employment option for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, with its supportive community, cultural networks and opportunities for education and advancement.

Flexible entry pathways may be offered to those who do not yet reach the schooling or fitness standards generally required for entry into the Air Force.

Assistance for families Assistance for families
Assistance for families

The Air Force provides flexible working arrangements, maternity/paternity leave and 'on hold' career options to help manage the balance between work and home commitments. We also provide substantial housing subsidies and may assist with:

  • childcare placement assistance
  • schooling requirements
  • additional health support for dependents in regional posting locations
  • leave and financial assistance to help with home moves
  • partner employment assistance
  • programs for settling into a new community.

Support for personnel Support for personnel
Support for personnel

Ours is an exciting workplace where you'll get involved in challenging military operations and rewarding activities such as humanitarian and disaster-relief missions. These shared experiences help forge great friendships, underpinned by a uniquely supportive community.

We look after each other in the Air Force, and those from every background enjoy the same support and attention to their emotional wellbeing, whether it be from their mates, or their colleagues and commanders.