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Adventure and excitement

Step outside the everyday job and explore new places.

Give back to the community

Help people that need it most, both at home and abroad.

Make mates for life

Work with like-minded people. 

Develop Develop
Develop your skills in a new environment

With world-class training, learn to develop your skills from day one in a unique working environment. Enjoy new challenges and expand on your skillset that benefits both your military and civilian career.

Giving Giving
Giving back

Experience the sense of achievement that comes with protecting and helping people who need it most. Whether it’s supporting Australia on exercises and operations, or participating in peacekeeping missions and disaster efforts, you’ll have a chance to make a real difference and give something back.

Flexibility that fits your lifestyle

Enjoy flexible hours and a healthy work-life balance. Work evenings, weekends, or longer away on deployment - it’s up to you. We do our best to make sure your role fits in with your work and family commitments.

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Part-time commitment

From 20 to 200 days. Your contribution is flexible depending on your job and training.


A few weekends or a few weeks a year. Serve in a way that suits your lifestyle.

Stay as long you like

With no contract lengths, enjoy the freedom to stay as long as you like.

fitness fitness

You'll be required to maintain a good level of fitness in the Air Force, and as a Reservist, you'll be paid to keep fit.

Right job for you Right job for you
Find the job for you

The Air Force Reserve offers roles across many different industries and disciplines. There are roles for all skill levels, backgrounds and experience. Find your role now.

Pay and Benefits

Earn tax-free pay, make friends for life and enjoy rewarding work that makes a difference.

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Tax-free daily pay and allowance

Enjoy tax-free pay which increases as you advance in rank and experience.

Free food and accommodation

Your accommodation and food are covered while on training, exercise or deployment.

Free medical and dental care

Get free access to quality medical and dental care while on exercises or deployment.