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Ashish Ashish
Where it started, 1994

Ashish's grandfather served in the Indian Military, so he was always drawn to serving in the Defence Force. His fascination in aviation began as a young boy when he migrated to Australia from India. His interest grew in high school after hearing stories from friends in the Air Force Cadets. He initially had dreams of becoming a pilot.

Ashish Ashish
Started studying medicine, 2007

After completing high school, Ashish decided he would pursue a career in medicine. To achieve this goal, he started studying a degree in Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery in Queensland in 2007.

Military Scholarship, 2010

Working in the hospitality industry to pay for his studies, Ashish soon discovered there was a better way to get by and pursue his other passion—aviation. In 2010, he joined the Air Force through the Defence Undergraduate Scheme and continued to study medicine on a full military scholarship. In 2012 he graduated from medicine and continued to serve in the Air Force as a Medical Officer.

Ashish Ashish
Promoted to Medical Officer, Flight Lieutenant

Ashish was promoted to his current rank of Flight Lieutenant in 2013 and is currently studying to become a General Practitioner with support from the Air Force. This will open up a new world of opportunity for Ashish, as he continues to progress his career as a Aviation Medical Officer in the Air Force.

Ashish Ashish
Medical Officer Flying Experience Course, 2015

As part of Ashish's Aviation Medical Officer training he completed the Medical Officer Flying Experience course which was a highlight of his career. During this course, he flew with the Roulettes to better understand the physical and psychological pressures the pilot withstands while flying.

First aeromedical evacuation, 2015

In 2015, Ashish was deployed to the Middle East where he could use his skills in his first aeromedical evacuation. His role as a Medical Officer in the Air Force means Ashish has the opportunity to assist not only ADF members on deployment, but civilian people in need following major disasters.