Explore Justine's career milestones

Justine Justine
Grew up in the Air Force, 2003

Justine grew up as part of the Air Force family. Her dad was a Radar Technician and was a big influence in helping Justine on her path. Justine's dad took her to visit an Air Traffic Controller who showed her around the tower. From there she was hooked.

Justine Justine
First posting, 2016

After her Officer training, Justine received her first posting as an Air Traffic Controller at Air Force Base Pearce in Western Australia. She was just 22 years old.

First tower supervisor endorsement, 2008

At just 25 years of age, Justine proudly received her first Tower Supervisor Endorsement. This meant that she was not only controlling aircraft, but also overseeing the bigger picture and helping other team members carry out their duties.

Justine Justine
Started a family, 2011

Justine had a daughter in 2011 before welcoming her son to the world in 2013, who just happens to be the cute kid running down the hall in the video. She enjoys the flexibility and support the Air Force offers in balancing both her professional and family life.

Justine Justine
Training in Hawaii, 2016

In 2016, Justine was deployed to Hawaii for the Rim of Pacific training exercise. This is an international cooperative maritime and air warfare exercise, aimed at promoting stability in the Pacific region.

Onwards and Upwards, 2016

In the future, Justine is looking at other opportunities the Air Force provides, including becoming an instructor at the Air Traffic Controller School.