Tertiary Aviation Reimbursement Scheme

If you’re currently studying or have completed a Bachelor level degree in Aviation, you may be eligible for this reimbursement scheme.


The Tertiary Aviation Reimbursement Scheme (TARS) is for candidates who join the Air Force with a relevant Bachelor level degree in aviation from an Australian university.

If you are studying, or have studied, an aviation qualification at an Australian university, Air Force may reimburse your university costs if you successfully reach certain training milestones in your Officer Aviation career.

The scheme is aimed at encouraging more candidates to consider Mission Aircrew or Mission Controller as a career option. Similarly, it also seeks to encourage diversity candidates to consider Pilot. The scheme is not a separate avenue of entry.

More information, including details on eligibility can be found in the dropdowns below.


To be eligible for TARS, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Complete one of the following Bachelor level degrees at an Australian university, prior to entry into the Air Force:
    • Bachelor of Aviation
    • Bachelor of Aviation Management
    • Bachelor of Applied Science (Aviation)
  • Be appointed as a Direct Entry Officer into the following roles and satisfy the following additional qualifications:
    • Mission Aircrew and Mission Controller trainees who complete Operational Conversion or a Category D qualification.
    • Pilot Trainees who complete Operational Conversion or a Category D qualification.
  • Satisfy the following additional eligibility requirements:
    • Mission Aircrew and Mission Controller: Open to all genders and Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Australians.
    • Pilot: Open to Female and Indigenous Australians.


Costs that may be reimbursed include university academic fees that are integral to attaining the qualification. Certain costs such as flying training will not be reimbursed and other limitations apply. Contact your Careers Coach for more information.

If you participate in this scheme, you will incur the standard nine-year Return of Service Obligation applicable to Officer Aviation roles.

A Letter of Offer (LOO) to join the Air Force is conditional upon successful completion of the Aviation Screening Program and the Air Force Officer Selection Board. Candidates identified for TARS will have relevant details and requirements stipulated in their LOO.

Fund reimbursements can occur up to one year after achieving the required Officer Aviation stream qualification.

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Whilst candidates must have completed their degree prior to appointment to the Air Force to qualify, candidates are encouraged to apply to join Air Force through ADF Careers, prior to the completion of their degree.